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Immersive storytelling and production

We specialize in storytelling for immersive formats. We capture, produce and publish within the immersive space - from 360-video to interactive virtual reality.

Story development

Story development
We specialize in developing stories for immersive formats, letting the audience step into the story and interact with it.
We take both rough ideas as well as complex subjects and break them down to bits of a story. From initial concept discussions and storyboards to the completed product, our goal is to produce content that not only entertains but also educates and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Project scope
  • Target group definition
  • Theme and concept development
  • Storyline and narrative arch
  • Writing, editing and managing tone
  • Script development

Immersive production

Immersive production
We capture, produce and publish content within all fields of the immersive space - from 360-video to interactive virtual reality.
We know the formats, the tools and the wide array of possibilities for capturing and publishing immersive projects. We've won multiple awards for our innovation within storytelling, and we're constantly on the bleeding edge of the intersection between narrative and technology.
  • Virtual reality
  • 360-video capture
  • Fulldome capture
  • Virtual tours
  • Interactive web

3D and Reality Capture

3D and Reality Capture
We bring back high-resolution 3D assets from all over the world, using photogrammetry, lidar and reality capture.
With clients ranging from VFX companies to museums and corporations, we have 3D-scanned sensitive cultural heritage sites and complex terrain like glaciers and icebergs. Sometimes we even bring whole mountain ranges back on our memory cards - all ready to use in visual 3D pipelines.
  • Photogrammetry
  • Lidar scanning
  • Reality Capture
  • 3D post production
  • Retopology
  • Simplification
IVAR Studios produced a wonderful piece for young children called "Out of the Toybox". It was a hit with our young visitors! The fulldome experience captivated their imaginations, taking them on a magical journey right from their seats. The team at IVAR Studios clearly understand immersive content and how to create visual and compelling content for fulldome.
Laura Adams
Innovation & Inclusion Lead, Real Ideas

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