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We are a small but powerful team of immersive storytelling professionals led by brothers Martin and Fredrik Edström. We are passionate about telling unforgettable stories in new formats and with new technology. We've worked with subjects far and wide, but always come back to telling stories about important science, about natural and cultural heritage and issues that affect our planet.

We're based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our team

Fredrik Edström
Fredrik Edström
Founder & Producer
Martin Edström
Martin Edström
Creative Director
Oliver Akermo
Oliver Akermo
Cinematographer & Post-production Ninja
Jonathan Lövholm
Jonathan Lövholm
Immersive Producer

Our origin

IVAR Studios was founded by brothers Martin and Fredrik Edström together with Alfred Runow in 2016. Martin and Fredrik share the middle name Ivar, inherited from their grandfather Mauritz Edström. He was a celebrated film critic, reporter and author in his day – something that always inspired us in the family.

The storytelling we do today may take different forms than those of our grandfather, but we kept the name.

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We’re passionate about telling unforgettable stories in new formats and with new technology but at the same time, we’re aware that we are on the cutting edge of a field few know much about. That's why we're often part of the whole process - from ideation through production until launch day.

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