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Sagarmatha Next

Inspiring people to be part of the solution to waste in the Himalayas, we have helped the local organisation Sagarmatha Next reach out with their message. We're part of telling the story about Everest's trash - in film, VR and a physical exhibition.

The Story

Every year 200 tonnes of waste are generated in the Mount Everest region. That is why Sagarmatha Next, an experience centre at 3,775 meters on the foot of Mount Everest, is dedicated to raising awareness on the issues through art and design. At IVAR Studios, we have helped them make a film and a complete experience center located at the foot of Mount Everest itself.

Visitors to Sagarmatha Next interacting with one of the touch-screen interfaces of our digital experience.

This project builds on top of a decade-long commitment to help tell the story about waste management in the Himalayas, an issue that is complex and often over-simplified in the media. We’ve been able to follow the Sherpa and locals behind the project for a long time, and show our documentary prowess in a thought-provoking film that leads into both VR, digital and physical experiences.

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Services we have provided

Story development

We specialize in developing stories for immersive formats, letting the audience step into the story and interact with it.

Immersive production

We capture, produce and publish content within all fields of the immersive space - from 360-video to interactive virtual reality.

3D and Reality Capture

We bring back high-resolution 3D assets from all over the world, using photogrammetry, lidar and reality capture.

End User Experience

As people trek to Mount Everest, the absolute majority follow the same trail through the Nepalese Himalayas. Along this trail you find Sagarmatha Next’s physical visitor’s center – and that’s where you find our film, VR experience and physical exhibition. As people walk into the stone building they can interact with the story about Everest's trash in our ecosystem of storytelling, through a medium of their choosing.

Visitors engaging in the on-screen interactive map and Virtual Reality experience at Sagarmatha Next


Since opening, more than 15,000 visitors have been educated about the challenges in the region and the initiatives to solve them, and enjoyed the interactive digital exhibition and several VR experiences that transports visitors to the highest peaks. These experiences has also helped in recruiting volunteers for the 'Carry me back' programme, which in 2022 and 2023 alone removed 10,000 kg of trash from the area with the help of 6,000 visitors.

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