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Sagarmatha Next

For several years we followed and documented the groundbreaking work of Sagarmatha next. This film is about the process of a team of Sherpas and locals coming to solve a massive problem: the build-up of waste and plastic inside one of the world’s most famous national parks.

A small organization of local Sherpa set out to solve the problem of waste management around Mt. Everest. Facing an explosive expansion of tourism in the last few decades, they work to turn the tide of trash and plastic from the mountains - one visitor at a time.

The Story

Every year 200 tonnes of waste are generated in the Mount Everest region. That is why Sagarmatha Next, an experience centre at 3,775 meters on the foot of Mount Everest. This film tells the story of the local community and Sherpa and their commitment to make a difference. They use the process of crowdsourcing to make every visitor a part of the solution. In telling their story, we want to show how this problem around Mt Everest really applies to the rest of the world as well. It’s about creating a sustainable tomorrow for the next generation.

With the "Carry Me back"-system, Sagarmatha Next has created a crowdsourced waste removal system designed to send waste to its rightful place

Working with Sagarmatha Next has been one of our longest projects, our work starting even before the founding of IVAR Studios. Co-founder and director Martin Edström has had an active part in working with the problems surrounding trash in the Mt Everest region since 2010. In the film we wanted to give the local community a voice and a way of telling their story in a way that can resonate with the visiting tourists.

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The film was released in the spring of 2023 and has since then been made available for streaming on YouTube and it’s had a very successful run on the film festival circuit. The film has been nominated for over 20 awards and won over 10 awards.

Collaborating with IVAR Studios, they helped transformed our vision into a compelling film introducing our sustainability center at Syangboche, near Mount Everest Base Camp. The film, showcasing our mission through innovative storytelling and techniques, captivated visitors and highlighted our environmental conservation efforts. IVAR Studios' expertise ensured a seamless and effective production, enhancing our message's reach and impact.
Tommy Gustafsson
Sagarmatha Next

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