By partnering up with The National Swedish Museums of Military History, we have opened digital doors to the once top-secret military base Fort Victoria. During the Cold War this fort served as a clandestine strategic artillery fort, but it has been abandoned and closed for decades. We captured and crafted two unique immersive experiences so that we could open it up for the public again.

With immersive technology, we can open closed doors to historical heritage and tell stories that would otherwise might be forgotten. Being able to virtually transport people to a different place opens up endless possibilities for classrooms and learning environments like museums.

The story

Fort Victoria played a key role in Swedish military strategy during the Cold War, and historical archives give us great insight into this era. While the fort itself is an interesting environment, the most interesting facts are what happened within its walls. What did soldiers do here, and what did daily life look like in the 1970's? We captured the environment in 360-degree images as well as full 3D, and created illustrations to represent the soldiers moving through the fort in the story. Using these two components, we created two different experiences that allow people to step inside Fort Victoria and get the feeling of actually being there - as if they were a soldier during the Cold War.

By combining 360 footage, illustrations, sound design and research alongside experts in the field, we bring Fort Victoria to life to give an insight into what it was like to be stationed there during the Cold War, in an interactive gamified experience for desktop and VR.

The first experience is a linear interactive 360 experience set during a Cold War military exercise, where you actively interact with characters, explore the different spaces and receive important missions. By diving right into the narrative, you gain an understanding of the men who were stationed there and the purpose of the fort. The second experience is created entirely from the lidar and photogrammetry data we captured on site. Thanks to the data we were able to recreate Fort Victoria in full 3D, allowing the user to fully interact and move around the environment. The VR story is set in the present day, and your mission is to enter the fort to rescue a person who has been trapped inside.

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Services we have provided

Story development

We specialize in developing stories for immersive formats, letting the audience step into the story and interact with it.

Immersive production

We capture, produce and publish content within all fields of the immersive space - from 360-video to interactive virtual reality.

3D and Reality Capture

We bring back high-resolution 3D assets from all over the world, using photogrammetry, lidar and reality capture.

End User Expereince

The two experiences we created from Fort Victoria demonstrate different ways of creating stories and communicating cultural heritage. One is built to work seamlessly on all kinds of devices used in museums and schools, including VR, while the other is more aimed at a VR-specific audience that wants those extra gamification elements that can only be achieved in VR with six degrees of freedom. Both experiences were made with the same goal of once again opening up Fort Victoria while making our precious cultural heritage available in an immersive and engaging way for young and old alike.

During the celebration of the Swedish Armed Forces turning 500 years in the summer of 2023, The Swedish Museums of Military History and ourselves let people of all ages step inside Victoriafortet in virtual reality - for the very first time.

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